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Club Membership Fees & Payment Plan
2023 - 24

Our Club Membership fees offer excellent value for money and include:

  • Weekly training sessions run by our experienced Club Coaches

  • Opportunities to play in Senior Friendly & League fixtures throughout the season

  • Opportunities to play in Sunday Tournaments for our Junior & Youth members

  • Entry into Cup Competitions

Please click on the link below for details of our fees and payment plan.

Hockey Wales Membership Fees 2023 - 24


This season all Members have to affiliate to Hockey Wales on an individual basis.

Members need to complete and pay for their affiliation BEFORE the 30th September using the Sport80 platform.

Please click on the link below to renew your Membership:


Click on the link below for help with completing the affiliation process:


There is a Contact Support button on the Sport80 platform if you are experiencing problems when affiliating. Members can update some information on the Sport80 platform, other details, including email addresses and dates of birth, will have to be amended by Hockey Wales – please advise on your correct details via the Contact Support button.


Everyone who was a member during the 2022/23 season will already have an account on Sport80 – please do not create a new account.

  Membership Categories

  • Player Membership  is available to anyone who plays or trains

  • Umpire Membership is available to anyone who umpires or officiates (must hold a recognised qualification)

  • Coach Membership is available to anyone who coaches hockey (must hold a recognised qualification)

  • Hockey Family Membership is available to anyone who does not play, coach or umpire

  • Initiative Membership - this would apply to ‘Back To Hockey’ members


Hockey Wales Membership Fees

  • Club Player (18+)                                             £38.00

  • Club Player (18+) + Coach                         £38.00

  • Club Player (18+) + Coach + Umpire   £38.00

  • Club Player (18+) + Umpire                       £38.00

  • Coach (18+)                                                       £15.00

  • Coach + Umpire (18+)                                  £15.00

  • Umpire (18+)                                                      £15.00

  • Junior & Youth Player (Under 18)         £18.00

  • Initiative Member (Back to Hockey)  £5.00

If you have any questions regarding the above information or would like some support with the process, please contact Kay on 07973923066.

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